5 Quotes to Get You Motivated Today

Today we have 7 quotes that will really get you motivated to smash out your day. Whether it’s a workout or a long hard day at work, we hope these quotes are going to help you get through it. To see more quotes like this, please follow @pacific_ken.

1. One day all of your hard work will pay off

It may feel like that every day you’re not going anywhere. But that’s not true, every single day you put in counts, and one day you will realise this.

2. Do what scares you until it doesn’t

A great example of this is public speaking. A lot of people fear public speaking, but if you do it enough times, you will master it and become an expert at it. But if you never tackled that fear, you would have been stuck at the start.

3. Relax and recharge

Maybe you have been going for 10 days straight? Don’t. Take some time out of your week and relax and chill out. Whether this be some light reading, or spending a day with your kids, your health is a lot more important than what you are trying to achieve. But if you can do both then that’s amazing.

4. Life is tough but you are tougher

This is very true especially in these current times with a pandemic. Just keep going.

5. Don’t compare my hard work with luck

Just because some one calls your handwork lucky, doesn’t mean it’s true. It means that they didn’t put the effort in and they are jealous.

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