A Day in the life of a Bindery Machine Operator

Suttle-Straus : “Meet Eric, Bindery Machine Operator at Suttle-Straus. Do you think you know what he does on an average day? Find out!”

What does a Bindery Machine Operator do?

A Bindery machine operator works within the publishing and printing industry, as the title suggests they operate the machinery that binds books, magazines and other published material.


If you like the look of a day in the life of a bindery machine operator then you’re in luck! To become a bindery machine operator you don’t need anything more than 5 GCSEs or high school qualifications if you live in America. Even then, if you don’t have any GCSEs, you will most likely be offered an interview if you show the basic key skills you will need for the job and a few other requirements required by the operator.

How to become a Bindery Machine Operator?

Study.com has put together the description, duties, and requirements on becoming a Bindery Machine Operator, take a look here to see what is involved https://study.com/articles/Bindery_Operator_Job_Description_Duties_and_Requirements.html

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