A Day in the life of a Flight Attendant

Jetting Julia shares what it is like as a Day in the life of a Flight Attendant.

What does a Flight Attendant do?

A flight attendant is part of the cabin crew of a plane. Their primary duty is to ensure the safety of the passengers on the flight, this will include educating and ensuring passengers know about the procedures and safety equipment on board. They will also look after passengers during the flight making sure they have the best possible experience, duties on board will include, serving snacks, drinks, and meals and clearing up after. In a time of turbulence, they will reassure passengers, and should an emergency arise they will give clear direction on the procedure.

How do you become a Flight Attendant?

National Careers Service details ways to enter the career and what qualifications are needed, if you are interested in where to start take a look here

How much does a Flight Attendant make?

If you like the look of a day in the life of a flight attendant then according to PayScale an attendant in the UK can be looking to make on average around £18,000 a year. The lower 10% make around £12,000 a year whereas an experienced flight attendant can make around £35,000 and more. To be earning over £25,000 you will need to have around 20+ years worth of experience before being in that top 10% earning category.

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