Andrew Bloch answers questions on Success.

Andrew Bloch, one of three founding members of Frank PR. Frank PR is a consumer public relations firm with offices in London, Sydney and New York. Photographed at the Frank offices in Camden Town, London.

What’s the best way to learn about Success?

How about from people who are already successful. As Tony Robbins says “Success leaves clues”

We contacted Andrew Bloch, the founder of Award-winning PR Agency Frank.

Andrew Bloch is the founder and managing partner of Frank, one of the PR world’s biggest names. Frank has offices in London, Manchester, and Sydney. Take a look at Frank to see what an award-winning PR agency looks like.

Here is what we asked and how Andrew kindly responded.

Andrew Bloch
Andrew Bloch

How did I work out my why?

I never really knew what I wanted to do growing up.  I wasn’t massively academic but I knew I had a creative streak.  My art teacher told me I would be good at advertising.  I clung on to this idea for many years.  When I finished studying I wrote to hundreds of ad agencies.  The process was grueling.  Lots of forms, numerous interviews, etc.  I got bored of waiting for feedback and started to research similar industries.  I thought PR sounded cool, so I wrote to some PR agencies.  One of them, Lynne Franks PR, wrote back to me and offered me an unpaid work placement.  I thought it would fill my time whilst I continued to fill in forms and go to interviews, so I accepted.  Long story, short. I fell in love with PR.  After 3 weeks, they offered me a job and that’s how my love affair with PR started.  So, the short answer to your question is that I worked out my why by doing work experience.  Try before you buy!

How do you build a mindset for success?

Tough question.  I think you have to want to succeed.  A lot of this, in my opinion, comes from your role models – your parents, family members, friends, high profile business people etc. I’ve always admired successful people, and known that I wanted to achieve the best that I am capable of.  I read as much as I can and soak up information online continually.  I’m not one for long management books or going to conferences, but I pick up nuggets in more digestible forms like profiles in the business pages or by listening to podcasts.  Twitter is also an essential tool for following and being inspired by successful people you admire.

What makes you feel successful?

I’m not sure you ever feel successful, because you are always pushing for the next thing, the new challenge, the bigger opportunity.  It’s a constant journey.  There’s been a few moments when I’ve stepped back and patted myself on the back – winning big awards or achieving recognition for campaigns I’ve been behind.  Selling the company I set up was a big moment – it enabled me to change my life financially and know that I never had to worry about providing for myself or my family.  I try never to get too high on the highs or too low on the lows.  Keeping a balance and continuing to move forward steadily is important.

If you could only pass on one life lesson what would it be?

To be successful in life you need a combination of 3 things –  talent, a good work ethic and a bit of luck.  If you don’t have talent at what you’re doing it will be hard to succeed – Find what you’re really good at.  No one gets successful without a lot of hard work – Don’t be lazy.  And sometimes you can be talented and work hard but not get lucky – Not much you can really do about this, but I do believe you make your own luck.

Key differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Mindest.  You have to really want success and be prepared to put in what is required to be successful. Success doesn’t come without its sacrifices.

Fundamental foundations for a great life?

Love what you do.  Make sure you continue to earn, learn and have fun.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk if something doesn’t feel right.

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