Day in the life of a British Infantry Soldier

Your Military Stuff: In this video, we will discuss the average day in the life of an infantry soldier.

What does a British Infantry Soldier do?

The standard day in the army is like any other, you start work at 8.30 am and then finish at around 5 pm. It is very rare that you work over these hours. Some things that you will get up to in your day will be to Operate, maintain, and repair equipment, perform technical and support activities, practice shooting and many more. If you want to know a lot more about the day to day activities of a British Infantry Soldier then you can check out this link here:

How can I become an Infantry Soldier?

The best way to become an Infantry Soldier is to apply on the following website: This is the official army website and all the information you need will be on that website.

You can sign up to become an apprentice as well. There are many different types of apprenticeships in the army such as Engineering, Telecommunications, IT, Logistics, Construction and many more. You can start with a level 2 and climb the ladder up to level 4. If you would like to know more about army apprenticeships please click the following link to learn more: –

What Qualifications do I need to become an Infantry Soldier?

You don’t need any specific qualifications to join the army unless you’re applying for a more technical role such as engineering or communications.

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