Day in the life of a Harvard student in 2020

Day in the life of a Harvard student: As everyone knows, most colleges and university’s in the United States have had to adapt to COVID-19. Whether this be social distancing in class, or taking the school completely online, almost every educational system has to adapt.

Harvard actually made the news due to them not changing the tuition costs. If you didn’t know Harvard has one of the most expensive tuition with the average annual cost coming in at $73,800.

Sienna Santer

Sienna is a second-year Harvard student with a very popular YouTube channel. She has over 420k+ subscribers and makes videos around college and her general day to day life.

How hard is it to get into Harvard?

Considering the acceptance rate into Harvard is 4.7%, it’s pretty hard. They are extremely selective, and with around 40,000 applications and only 1,600 seats, you can see how you have to really be a top student to even be considered. It’s not the hardest thing to get into though. Here are 14 things harder to get into than Harvard.

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