A Day In The Life Of A 22-Year-Old Farmer

Day in the life of a farmer: Cole the Cornstar“This video accounts for a typical day in the life of a 22-year-old farmer from Cornstar Farms.”

He starts the video in his office, where he is working on computer projects for the farm, and for the YouTube Channel. Shortly after starting, Daddy Cornstar pops in for a morning meeting. Four hours later he was heading to the main heated shop. Before he started working on any projects, he gives a walk-around talk about the different projects they have to do. He is working on a variety of projects ranging from waxing the 1991 Case IH 7140 roof to greasing the 2013 Magnum 340. After working in the shop for 10 hours, he decides to call it a night. Before finishing he swept the shop and went over what we need to do to the equipment that is still in the shop.

How do I become a Farmer?

Is it possible to become a farmer without being born into it? It would appear so as Farmers Weekly have put together 9 ways that you can. If this lifestyle looks like it would suit you then take a look at ways of becoming a farmer here.

Is Farming hard?

Yes, very hard. It’s not only physically demanding but also mentally demanding. During harvesting and planting seasons some farmers are working 12 – 16 hour days. Although most of it is sitting in a tractor or a truck it is still very difficult to do that day in day out for months.

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