Day in the life of a Chef

Shawn Aylesworth: “A look behind the scenes with Executive Chef Andy Fawcett at Med Grill Royal Oak. We see what it takes to be a chef. The ups and downs of his daily routine. What his daily tasks in and out of the kitchen involve. Andy has been with Med Grill for 17 years and as I spent the day with him and his team I slowly realized that he has a well organized and respected kitchen. He has loyal employees/friends and even more so loyal customers who always come back to dine at Med Grill.”

What does a Chef do?

A chef is a trained professional cook who oversees the day-to-day preparation of food in the kitchen of restaurants or other places where food is served. An Executive Chef is the leader of the group of Chefs that work inside their kitchen.

How to become a Chef?

Le Cordon Bleu gives an insight on what it is like to work as a Chef and provides a guide on what qualifications and training are needed in this article

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Day in the life of a Jet Pilot

Day in the life of a Jet Pilot

What does a pilot do?

Day in the life of a Radio Presenter

Day in the life of a Radio Presenter

My Dubai My City: “With a Master’s degree in Media Production and a

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