Day in the life of a Day Trader

Bulls on Wall Street Description: “The official day in the life documentary video for successful day trader and CEO Kunal Desai. We spend a day with Kunal and get to learn his morning routine, watch him trade, get to ride in his Porsche and boat, and we get to watch him teach his Bootcamp class.”

What is Day Trading?

The activity of buying and selling a stock in a single trading day is known as day trading. It may happen in any market, but the foreign exchange (FX) and stock markets are the most prevalent. The majority of day traders are well-educated and well-funded. They take advantage of tiny price swings in highly liquid equities or currencies by using high leverage and short-term trading tactics.

Can you make money Day Trading?

Day trading is not always successful, but it may be rewarding. By correctly timing the market, investors may occasionally foresee a stock’s moves and make six-figure returns. These traders may be dabbling in penny stocks to obtain their high profits, or they may simply get fortunate every now and again, like many people do at casinos.

The only way to find out though is to learn and give it a try yourself! There’s no harm in setting up a paper trading account and giving it a go. You never know, you could make a lot of money, but statistically speaking, 91% of people who day trade lose money.

Day Trader

Some traders make money in professional settings, leave their investing businesses, and label themselves “successful” day traders — without ever risking their own money in any deals! Non-professional investors who try to study day trading with their own money are unlikely to succeed. An individual investor can make huge returns on rare occasions. Day trading, on the other hand, is significantly more prevalent in terms of destroying lives or financial circumstances.

How much money do Day Traders make?

It’s an extremely hard question to answer and it comes down to how much money you put in. Let’s say you start trading with £1,000,000 and on your first trade you make a 10% return, then you have made £100,000. Now 10% is highly unlikely, but it can be done.

Realistically though if you’re starting out, you will be looking to deposit anything from £500 – £2500 if you’re reading this article, and if you’re new to day trading, even seeing a 10% return each month is good!

How to learn Day Trading?

Like the sound of a day in the life of a day trader after watching the video? Then it’s time to learn how to day trader. This is something well above our heads so let’s hand you over to the professionals! Through our research, baby pips is the best day trading learning platform for Forex. It’s a great way to learn the absolute basics. Check BabyPips out here.

If you think Day Trading is for you, then I highly suggest you check out Bulls on Wall Street’s website to grab your FREE Bulls Trading Kit

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