Day in the life of a Farmer

Olly shows us what it’s like being a farmer for a day.

If you would like to learn more about being a farmer, the Cosmopolitan created a great article on what it’s really like to be a farmer:

What is a Farmer?

A farmer is a person who works in agriculture, producing crops and raising livestock. These live creatures are raised for food or raw resources. Farm and land owners are given the title in modern definitions. As a result, the farm’s employees are known as farm labourers or farm hands. Older definitions, on the other hand, grant the title to anybody who works to promote or develop the growth of plants, land, and/or crops, as well as rearing animals (livestock or fish) by labour and care.

What types of Farming is there?

There are many types of farming that you can do. Some are easier than others, and some can earn you more money. Check out all the different types of farming below.

  • Arable Farming
  • Pastoral Farming
  • Mixed Farming
  • Subsistence Farming
  • Commercial Farming
  • Extensive and Intensive Farming
  • Nomadic Farming
  • Sedentary Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Fish Farming

How can I get into Farming?

There are really two ways you can become a farmer. One is being born into it and having the land ready for you and knowledge passed down to you or two is doing it all from scratch and starting from nothing.

Let’s have a look at how you can get into farming if you’re brand new.

1. Decide why you’re interested in farming.

What makes you want to start farming crops and/or animals instead of staying in the city, where you can normally make more money without having to work as hard? Any type of farming entails a lot of hard work, a lot of responsibility, and is not the type of business where you can get rich rapidly, if at all.

Farming is both a way of life and a business, with a lower financial “prize” for all of the hard labour you must put in during the year. However, the mental and spiritual benefits you receive are worth far more than the money you earn at the end of the year.

Watch the video above on the day in the life of a farmer and determine if you really want to get into it.

2. Choose what sort of farming you want to get into.

There are two primary types of agricultural output to select from in most cases: Crops, seed or grain production (oilseeds, cereals, and pulse crops), citrus and apple orchards, berry farms, vineyards, vegetable production, hay and silage production; and citrus and apple orchards, berry farms, vineyards, vegetable production, hay and silage production Raising beef and/or dairy cattle, hogs (pigs), poultry (ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens), horses, sheep, goats, beekeepers, and exotic animals are all examples of livestock (ostrich, elk, bison, buffalo, yak, muskox, deer, emu, etc.).

Farmer running in a field

Another area of agriculture is organic, sustainable, and even regenerative farming, which encompasses all crop and livestock production but focuses on non-traditional methods of generating such goods.

3. Visit some experienced farmers!

It is very advised that you seek out others who farm in a similar fashion to what you want to accomplish. It’s also a good idea to inquire about taking a tour of their facility. Conduct a web search to learn about future local agricultural activities and try to attend as many as possible.

At such events, you’ll discover a lot of active producers that you might wish to talk to. There, you may ask them questions and learn more about their agricultural experiences.

4. Research as much as you can!

Make use of as many materials as you can, including books, the Internet, farm newspapers and periodicals, podcasts, videos, and so on.

After number 4 you’re going to want to then look to move and start farming! Of course, it’s not as simple as that at all, but it gives you a basic guideline. If you want to learn more then check out this article. How to become a farmer without experience.

How much do Farmers make?

The average salary for a farm is around £8.97 according to Indeed. There are many different types of farmers, and some do a lot better than others so it’s best to do some more research to determine how much farmers make.

Remember, some farmers have better years than others so it can fluctuate.

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