Day In The Life of a Fitness ‘Influencer’

Day in the life of a Fitness Influencer: Lilly Sabri is a Fitness influencer with over 1.2M subscribers, she has developed her Brand ‘leanwithlilly‘ by uploading fitness videos and developing home workout programs. In this video, she shows us what a day in her life looks like.

What is a fitness influencer ?

A fitness influencer is someone that uses social media channels to build their brand through sharing content such as workouts, meal prep, nutrition guides, merchandise to inspire and help their followers reach their fitness goals.

How do you become a fitness influencer ?

Becoming an influencer is all about passion for fitness and building a following. Influence has put together a great blog post to get you started, it details a step by step approach to help you on your way.

How much do fitness influencers make?

Fitness influencers make big money. Some of the biggest influencers make more money from one post than 70% of people in the world do in a year. One of the best and well-known influencers like Jennifer Seleter can make up to $71,000 per post. That’s per post, not per year!

She makes this money through advertising. With over 12.6 million followers to date, there is no real surprise businesses wouldn’t want her to advertise there product with her. Check out how much the top 10 fitness influencers make per post.

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