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Day in the Life of a Doctor (Gynaecology)

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Day in the life of a gynecologist: Ali Abdaal is a junior doctor working in Cambridge, UK, he takes us on what a day in his life looks like as a Gynaecology doctor. Ali has actually been on the site before. He created a million-dollar business while still in medical school, which is a really good achievement, especially for his age. If you want to read that you can do here: How I built a million-dollar business while in medical school.

What does a Gynaecology doctor do?

A Gynaecology doctor specializes in the health of a women’s reproductive system. Some of the areas a gynaecologist specializes in are, menstrual problems, sexuality, menopause, contraception and infertility, they will use their expertise to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients.

How much do they earn ?

In the UK the average Gynaecologist earns around £79,561 per year based on results from 1,180 employees according to Indeed. But in the USA the lowest 25% Gynaecologists made $172,130 while the top 25% made a nice $208,000 in 2018 according to US News.

How do I become a Gynaecologist?

The BMA have put together a guide on the pathway to Medical training, take a look here to see the process.

In the US have laid out a road map, here are the steps to take.

There are a few skills and interests you’ll need if you want to become one. Some of them are; sensitivity and listening skills, manual dexterity, stamina, a sense of humour, excellent communication skills, good problem-solving and decision-making skills. If you want to find out the rest then please do here: Health Careers NHS.

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