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Day in the life

Day in the life of a Marketing Manager

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Day in the life of a Marketing Manager: Life With Lauren Taylor Lauren works at Healthy Roots Dolls toy company as the Marketing Manager. They create dolls that teach young girls to love their kinky, curly and coily hair. See how her day unfolds and what a typical day can involve.

What is a Marketing Manager?

The primary role of a marketing manager is to attract more customers to buy the products or services from the company they work for. They will develop and manage campaigns to promote the product or service to its audience. Among their responsibilities can be the organising of promotional events and exhibitions, managing social media, researching, analysing and presenting ideas.

How do you become a Marketing Manager?

ahrefs has put together advise from people who have become marketing managers, to see what they advise take a look here.

How much does a marketing manager make a year?

According to PayScale, the average yearly salary is £33,728. The bottom 10% are making £24,000 and the top 10% are making £49,000. This pay difference is really down to the amount of experience and what sort of company you work at.

Here are some of there daily tasks:

  • Monitor and analyse the performance of marketing programs in order to guide current and future strategies
  • Assist in developing market research studies
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns

Once you have become a marketing manager, you have quite a few roots you can go down afterwards. For example you can go into jobs such as Marketing directors and digital marketing managers. Please click here to learn more.

If you like the look of a day in the life of a Marketing Manager then at Sculpt Success we love to see day in the lives of loads of different jobs just as much as you guys do. So, if you want to see any type of job, in particular, send us a message on our Contact Page.

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