Day in the life of a Podcaster – David Ralph (Join Up Dots)

Day in the life of a Podcaster: We just want to say a huge thank you to David Ralph for sending us this video. We sent him some questions, and he so kindly offered to make a full-length video answering every single question we sent to him.

Join Up Dots“Are you an entrepreneur who needs the right mindset, motivation, and confidence. Hell, we all need confidence as its the key to everything in life, and very few entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or just people who are rocking and rolling have this naturally, even though it may seem like a god-given gift. Whether you want an amazing online income, entrepreneur success, more money than you could dream off, freedom, love, sex, or even a huge promotion at work confidence will make it happen. And we will show you how to get it – BIGTIME! Having the confidence to go after it, and the mindset to make it happen is demonstrated in every episode of the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots through the startup stories, struggles, honest conversations and training, and coaching. Ready to rock your life?”

If you would like to listen to Davids Join Up Dots podcast then you can find it here:


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