Day in the life of a Radio Presenter

My Dubai My City: “With a Master’s degree in Media Production and a background in the performing arts, Suzanne Radford is currently the senior radio presenter at Dubai Eye. “Suzanne Radford presents Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 103.8 weekday mornings from 10 am-12. Her show focusses on work-life balance with a focus on health, wellbeing, food, and psychology. When Suzanne is not working you can find her outdoors enjoying the beach or out in the desert with her dogs or spending time with friends, enjoying the city’s restaurants and events.”

What does a Radio Presenter do?

A Radio Presenter is the voice of a programme broadcast via radio. They inform and entertain the audience by presenting the material in an engaging way.

How to become a Radio Presenter? has excellent tips on becoming a Radio Presenter, to see it in full detail take a look here

How much do Radio Presenters get paid?

Radio Presenters are looking to get an average salary of around £53,515/yr. This doesn’t mean you can’t earn more though. Some top radio presenters such as Chris Evans who has hosted Radio 2’s Breakfast Show every weekday morning since 2010.

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