Day in the life of a Specialist Paramedic

College of Paramedics: “The BBC followed Specialist Paramedic and Oxford Brookes University Lecturer Georgette on a typical day in her working life with South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust.”

What does a Specialist Paramedic do?

A Specialist Paramedic assesses the patient and establishes the patient’s medical history and decides whether or not it is possible to treat the patient’s condition at home and using the appropriate emergency treatment. That is just the very basics of being a specialist paramedic, of course, every situation will be different, some being a lot harder than others.

From an official job description: To provide high-quality care at a higher level of competence and practice for patients who require clinical services provided by the Trust. This will include providing definitive care based upon reaching a formal diagnosis for many patients and ensuring safe care and aftercare.

If you want to find out some more official advice, please check out this web page from the NHS:

How can I become a Specialist Paramedic?

The BBC has already created an amazing page that details all the different ways and qualifications you need to enter this job role. To find out all the information you need, just click this link here:

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