Day in the life of a Student Social Worker

Jasmine Ama : “In this video, I share with you an entire working day as a Social Worker. From waking up in the morning to breakfast to working out till I go to bed at night. As a student Social Worker, it was hard to know what a working day will be like given none of that aspect was shown to me in university. I got a bit of a glimpse through placement but that was not enough. It’s helpful to know some of what to expect once you start practicing in my opinion and hence I thought I will share with you what a typical day is like for me as a social worker. I hope you find it helpful.”

What does a Social Worker do?

Social work is varied, demanding and often very emotional as the role is there to protect children and adults with support needs from harm. The role can vary from supporting someone with mental health problems to helping keep a family under pressure together. Being a social worker is a very rewarding career.

Prospects have put together a fantastic job profile, take a look here to see it in detail

How to Become a Social Worker?

UCAS details the academic courses needed and some related skills that will help, take a look here

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