Day in the life of a Visual Merchandiser

What does a Visual Merchandiser do?

Retail businesses and other organizations use visual merchandisers to design and promote their products or services. A visual merchandiser will create eye-catching store layouts and product displays helping to attract customers and encouraging them to buy.


Like the look of a day in the life of a visual merchandiser? Becoming a Visual Merchandiser can be hard without qualifications but can still be achieved don’t get us wrong. But we really recommend this degree by The London College of Fashion. BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding.

The average salary for a visual merchandiser is looking to make £22,922. But don’t get fooled by this number. There are visual merchandisers making £50k+ a year. Of course, this is going to take years of experience, but when you are very good at what you do you get paid very well for it.

How to become a Visual Merchandiser?

Prospects have put together a fantastic profile of a Visual Merchandiser including what qualifications are needed, take a look here

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