Day in the life of an Anesthesiologist

What does an Anesthesiologist do?

Day in the life of an Anesthesiologist: An anesthesiologist is a doctor who plans and administers medication to provide pain relief before, during and after surgery. They are responsible for the medical management of a patient during surgery, monitoring a range of functions including, heart rate and rhythm, breathing, fluid balance, blood pressure and body temperature to control the patient’s level of pain and unconsciousness thought an operation.


To become an Anaesthetist you will need to go to university. You will need a 5-year degree in medicine recognised by the General Medical Council, a 2-year foundation programme of general training and up to 8 years of specialist training.

If you would like to find out more about all of the different qualifications you need to become an Anaesthetist then you can follow this link by the National Careers Service who gives you a lot more in-depth information:


If the day in the life of an Anaesthetists looks good to you, then you are looking to make around £27,000 when they first start out, but when you are more experienced, you can be looking to make the just over £100,000 if you are very good and have a lot of experience.

How do you become an Anesthesiologist?

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