Day in the life of an Architect

30X40 Design Workshop Description: “Follow a typical day in the life of an architect. Part architecture vlog, part behind-the-scenes look at some of the tasks architects work on each day: from designing a set of elevations to managing projects in construction, to writing specifications, to managing an office, and how to deal with the inevitable creative blocks creatives face on a daily basis.”

What are Architects?

Architects are licensed and trained in the art and science of building design who develop concepts into plans and images. They create the overall look of buildings and other structures.

How can I become an Architect?

Cats Education have a great article on how to become an Architect in the UK here.

Where as if you live in the US you can check out this article by here:

At Sculpt Success we love to see day in the lives of loads of different jobs just as much as you guys do. So, if you want to see any type of job in particular, send us a message on our Contact Page.

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