Day In The Life Of A Full-Time Author

Day in the life of an author: Stefanie Newell (thelifeofawriter) shares what her day as a full-time author looks like, she shares what her schedule looks like working on the management of her social media, working with clients, and writing.

What does an Author do?

An Author is the creator of written work for various types of media. This can be in the form of a book, play, movie/television scripts or magazine articles.

Some writers are employed but many will work on a freelance basis and sell their written content to magazine or book publishers, news organisations, movie and television producers.

How do you become and Author?

Jerry Jenkins has written 21 New York Times bestsellers so is well placed to give advice on the subject and has put together a comprehensive guide on how to become an Author. To start your journey into the possibilities of becoming an author take a look at the Complete Guide.

How much do authors make?

Self-published authors can make anywhere from 40%-60% royalties on a single book sale whereas published authors make around 10%-12%.

Authors really don’t make as much as you’d think. Unless you’re looking at JK Rowling and other big authors like her, you’re left with not much money at all. Here is an article from the Guardian which shows authors make less than minimum wage. The average income for an author in the UK was around £12,500.

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