Day in the life of an Influencer

Emily Canhams Description: “Today I’ve got a ‘day in the life’ video for you. I feel like there’s a lot of people who are like ‘WHAT DO YOUTUBERS ACTUALLY DO?!’ ‘How do influencers make money?’ ‘How do you become an instagrammer / influencer.’. So I thought that i’d show you a typical day in my life. Although I despise the word influencer, I feel like that’s what some people class me as so yeah we’re just rolling with it.”

Emily Canham is an English blogger and youtuber also known as an influencer. She creates content around beauty and fashion. Emily has two youtube channels, one being here main channel and her second being her vlogging channel.

Main Channel:

Vlogging Channel:

Day in the life of a Farmer

Day in the life of a Farmer

Olly shows us what it’s like being a farmer for a day

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