Day in the Life of an Investment Banker

Day in the life of an investment banker: Liam Porritt“What do investment bankers actually do? Following the financial crisis, bankers have become even more unpopular than they were before 2009. Yet, I know quite a few bankers. Some of them are my good friends. And I think they are good, driven people. So, I wanted to have an honest conversation with an actual banker about what bankers REALLY DO. And I wanted to find out whether it’s possible to justify how much money they earn.”

What does an Investment Banker do?

An Investment Banker advises their clients ( usually corporations and governments ) on how they are able to reach their short and long term financial goals. They are also the ‘middle man’ between their clients and investors.

How do you become an Investment Banker?

Investopedia has put together great advice on how to start out on the route into Investment banking. See in detail what that looks like here.

How much does an Investment banker make?

The average starting salaries for corporate investment bankers are around £30,000 to £40,000 and after three years, this can rise up to £50,000. People with a lot of experience can be looking to earn a base salary of around £150,000+. Although it must be said that in busy periods you could be working 15 hours a day quite often, so this is why they get paid a lot of money.

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