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How I Built a Million Dollar Business in Medical School

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Ali Abdaal created the company 6med which does around £150,000 in annual revenue. Ali and his friends were medical students at Cambridge University while they set this business up and this has led to Ali Abdaal net worth being over £200,000.

Ali and his friends decided it would be a good idea to run a course for one of the medical school admissions tests called the BMAT. They had been on a few courses themselves that were run by big corporations and they didn’t think they were that good. So they thought they could a better job and charge them less money and give out free places to students who come from low-income backgrounds.

students on stairs
students on stairs

When they started they thought this would be a small scale operation and run a course at their local mosque, but then quite early on, Ali who had previous experience in creating websites, decided it would be best to build a website for the course they were providing and try to market it nationally to pull more students into the course.

In the first year, they ran five sold-out courses to around 120 students and suddenly realized that there was a much bigger market for this. The following year they expanded into more courses to offer a wider range of services instead of just the BMAT course. This really does sound like a business everyone was very passionate about.

If you want to check out what a day in the life of a Medical Student looks like check out

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