How Kim McGinley views Success

How Kim McGinley views Success: Kim mentions in this interview that success will always come down to having the right mindset, and we completely agree on that. You have to see your goals into the future before they become a reality.

How did you work out your why?

I think someone’s why will be obvious from the beginning – the reason why we do what we do.  For me, it’s my family.  They are my ‘why’ and my sole reason I work as hard as I do.  They are on this incredible journey with me and ride the highs as well as the lows making sacrifices along the way. 

I truly hope that when my children grow up they know that mummy really did try her best in the various aspects of my life; personal as well as professional and that it was all for them.

How do you build a mindset for success?

Success will always come down to having the right mindset – if you have this then success will come.  In the early stages of business, you will learn quickly if you need to change your mindset.  No one is perfect in business and there is so much to learn – having a positive mindset as a foundation will help you out no end in getting to where you want/need to go.

What makes you feel successful?

Success to me is a feeling of contentment – going home genuinely being happy in where I spend my time, what working so hard allows me to do.

If you could only pass on one life lesson what would it be?

Only worry about what you can control.  If something is out of your control, there is no amount of worrying that will help you!  Use that energy elsewhere.

Key differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Mindset – I’m a firm believer that anyone can achieve anything they want in life with the right mindset. A true belief that something can happen, and it will happen!

Fundamental foundations for a great life?

Work-life balance.  We live to work not work to live and entrepreneurs have a natural ability to always want to work to better themselves and their businesses – but if all of that were to stop tomorrow what are we left with?  Our health and our family are paramount.

A little bit about Kim’s ventures:

VIBE Finance launched in April 2018 from Kim’s home office and now occupies it’s own commercial premises with a team of Advisers, Case Managers & Sales Support.  Kim launched VIBE Finance having worked as a Lending Manager for a couple of specialist lenders InterBay Commercial & Hampshire Trust Bank for the previous 12 years.  Having worked closely with a broker panel over that time she saw that she could utilise her experience in launching her own specialist mortgage brokerage.

Focusing on a niche area of the market, VIBE specialise in arranging finance options for all type of investment properties mainly being buy to let, HMO’s, multi-unit blocks and commercial units whether it be term loans or short term; bridging & development.  The VIBE team have developed some strong relationships with their lender panel which has proven invaluable for our clients.

I have also recently started a Commercial Cleaning Business with 2 business partners which has been born out of trying to source commercial cleaners for VIBE’s offices and the standard of customer service, in general, was below par.  We saw an opportunity to set up our own company that basis itself around the client experience and a demonstratable high level of customer service.

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