Interview with TikToker @xobrooklynne on Success on TikTok (5+ Million Followers)

Interview with TikToker @xobrooklynne: Brooklynne is a famous TikToker / Model from Canada. With an impressive 5+ million (at the time of writing this) followers and just recently became verified, she is really blowing up on the popular app TikTok.

Brooklynne doesn’t care what people thinks as you can tell from one of her answers below, and this is probably quite a big reason she is blowing up on TikTok right now as she really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her. For someone to not care about what anyone else thinks is an amazing trait. It allows you to explore what you really love to do and do it without caring what anyone says!

How did you start on TikTok?

I started just making videos as a joke back in 2018! Once povs started to become a bigger thing I started to create them & took TikTok more seriously.

What do you feel has contributed to your success on TikTok?

I feel as though the biggest contribution to success is my ability to adapt and create different content! I mainly create povs however I am able to do makeup and dance as well!

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would definitely advice my younger self to stop caring about what others think! Growing up it held me back from so much, all because I wanted to fit in. Now I have learnt how to be unapologetically myself!

How can we inspire teenagers to strive for their own success?

The biggest thing for other teens striving for success is to find things that they are passionate about! Once you find something that you have fun doing, take it to the next level on social media. The other big thing is to stay true to yourself!

Fundamentally what are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people on TikTok?

To be successful on tiktok it’s really about being unique & recognizable! Once you start creating your own content that follows the trends but has your own unique twist is when you will really start to be successful!

What makes you feel successful?

I personally always feel successful whenever I’m out in public & I meet someone who recognizes me! It’s such a surreal moment to have someone know your name when you haven’t even met them!

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