Day in the life as an Airline Pilot

Jason Voudri is a Commercial Airline Pilot on an Airbus A320. He also owns a youtube channel that now has over 90,000 subscribers.

What does an Airline Pilot do?

Pilots fly and navigate airplanes, if you are an Airline Pilot like Jason, then you will most likely work for one specific company such as Ryan Air, Virgin or Easy Jet. They don’t just fly people from one place to another. They can also transport cargo, support rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography and crop dusting.

Daily Tasks of an Airline Pilot

  • Transporting Passengers
  • Determining the safest routes
  • Analyzing Flight Plans and weather conditions
  • Calculating Fuel
  • Inspecting operation systems and navigation equipment

How can I become an Airline Pilot?

To actually start your training you will need to be at least 18, but you cannot get an ATPL until you’re 21. Once you have your ATPL, you’ll then need a Class 1 Medical Certificate to become a commercial airline pilot. It can take 16-18 months to qualify as a pilot if you’ve no previous flying experience. To find out more on becoming an airline pilot, please check out Prospects as they have written a big guide explaining everything in a lot more detail. To check that out, you can do so here:

British Airways have an excellent page that allows people that want to become a pilot to join a program that will accelerate there learning:


What qualifications do I need to become an airline pilot? To start training as a pilot you will need a minimum of five GCSEs and two A-levels. A degree is not required. The only issue that some people might have is the training costs. Training to become a pilot usually costs around £80,000-£90,000.

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