Oliver Duffy-Lee on what Success means to him

To some, success may look like owning a £1m house, or driving a Ferrari, but for others not so much. In reality, if you are happy with your job and have a healthy and happy family around you, then isn’t that even more meaningful?

Oliver mentions in this short interview that getting results for his clients is what makes him happy, and he also knows that he has done his job well.

Here are 6 questions and answers we asked Oliver:

How did you work out your why?

Not sure I have yet!

But I think it’s crucial to get out and try things. Sitting at home asking yourself ‘What’s my Why?’ is a great way to underachieve and become depressed. Get out, try everything and drop the things you don’t enjoy and do more of the things you do – I think that’s a formula to start finding your why.

How do you build a mindset for success?

Learn to embrace failure.

If you can position every little failure in a way that you can look at it objectively – almost with a curiosity – then you’ll do well. The most damaging thing to do is take your failures personally and as a reflection of your value. Everyone fails – If i recounted all my past failures here (and some have been HUGE) I’d still be going next week. Embrace failure and learn.

What makes you feel successful?

Professionally that would be getting results for my clients. If I help my clients achieve the next step in their business then I’m doing my job well.

Personally it’s surrounding myself with people I love. My wife, my family and my friends… And if I can help them too, even better.

If you could only pass on one life lesson what would it be?

Pay very close attention to the things you find easy.

If you find something easy, the chances are you’re very good at it – which means you should do it more often. Life is really short, and the quickest way to getting results it playing to your strengths. Find out what you’re good at and do it a lot!

Key differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

That’s a tough question because success is 100% subjective.

If you ask me what makes certain people achieve more than others, I’d say resilience and mindset.

Resilience because life is hard, and business is no different. So you need thick skin and you need to be resilient.

Mindset because that’s the thing that drives you. If you have a healthy, open, growth mindset then achievement comes naturally. If you have a closed, fixed mindset, then achievement is so damn hard – these people create hundreds of invisible obstacles that they need to overcome every day.

Take the easy route – adopt a growth mindset. If you want to know how, read Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

Fundamental foundations for a great life?

Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people.

And standing on a tropical beach at least once a year!

Oliver Duffy-Lee

Oliver Duffy-Lee is a business coach for creative agencies and freelancers. He helps these people to build the business of their dreams by finding and winning the clients they really want to work with.

If you want to find out more, visit his Instagram Page… And ask him about his Launch Pad Programme.

If you want to answer some questions on success, then please send us an email here.

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