Steps to Strive for that 9 to 5 Happiness

How many people actually love their job? I’m talking – wake up in the morning, swiftly skip to the shower, throw on your best power pantsuit and dash out the door with a fresh cup of coffee that says ‘no1 hard worker’ on it. Is that common? I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely achievable, and everyone should strive for this to be an effortless part of earning money. However, statistically, only 27% of British taxpayers feel like they get the satisfaction they desire at work. That’s a whopping 73% of people left wondering what it’s like to maximise their work life. I think that’s crazy! There are so many ways to optimise your job, and turn it into your dream job! Using just a few small steps you can lean towards loving your job, even if you hate it…

Like most things, it all starts with your mindset. Take the positives out of what you do and focus on them specifically. By doing so, it builds up your motivation to tackle the tougher parts of your duties because you’ve already aced the parts you love ten times over. Even if your day-to-day work doesn’t really get you that excited, look for another kind of positive. What about your co-workers? Maybe by setting yourself an assignment that not only pushes you to take a different approach to normal, but open doors for other opportunities for learning? By allowing yourself to enjoy the perks of what you do, you are able to prove to yourself that everything average can be turned up a notch.

Sometimes even the smallest things can make a difference to how your day pans out. It’s a given… there will be those days where you feel sluggish and unproductive and that’s okay. However, a quick fix to this problem only takes a small amount of energy. Decluttering. By allowing yourself time to reorganise and get your space into an environment you can work in, you add worth to your day. Sorting and disposing of unnecessary storage can be liberating, you are giving value to the things that surround you, and disposing of the things that don’t contribute. You are in control and it allows you to bring a new perspective into the workplace.

I think it is safe to say, everyone can get a little bit bored at work. You’re caught looking at the clock, and figuring out how many 15 minutes’ you have left on your 8-hour shift (because that somehow makes it seem like it will end quicker). We’ve all done it. That’s why another element you need to bring to your job is change. Small or big, you decide. However, the beauty of change is that it can act as a small step towards figuring out what’s keeping you down on your 9 to 5. Challenge yourself to look for another area of work that will bring you joy, and when someone sees that you are passionate about what you do, it can lead to bigger and better things.

A really significant point a lot of successful people make is that sometimes it is good to change your environment. When it comes down to what makes people love their job, this can factor in in a big way. Telecommuting, or working from home, allows you to work at your own pace without the pressures of the ‘big boss’ breathing down your neck. You do the job when you want to and how you want to. It is said that greater flexibility in scheduling your day-to-day routine can lead to happiness within a job, and surveys suggest this is especially true as you get older.

Another suggestion to help you enjoy your job just that little bit more – putting yourself out there! Raise your hand, be the one that speaks up and asks about those extra responsibilities that no one is claiming. This keeps your focus fresh, and keeps you, as a worker on your toes. You can’t live by the same routine day in, day out, if you’re pushing yourself to reach stages of your job you never knew existed. Keep an eye out for new opportunities – even if they’re short term. Sometimes all it takes is for you to go outside your comfort zone, to reach the top and find different things to satisfy you. Say “yes”.

Staying on top of your field is also vital. If you drift away from the current, it can leave you at a disadvantage, and so when interesting propositions do arise, you might not be able to take them as you wish. Being in the know can inspire you, and keep you driven. Knowledge is power, and power is success

Finally, keep smiling. It is believed that those who laugh and smile at work appear more engaged and approachable. The more engaged you are in what you do, the more enthusiastic you will be. Ultimately leaving you with a more positive outlook on your job. Whether it be your projects, personal challenges or the people you choose to surround yourself with – taking steps towards happiness at work has never been made easier.

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