Your first step towards success

The word “SUCCESS” has different definitions for every being in this world, but one basis structure of definition for Success is “favourable result; and prosperity “. Before we grasp “The first step to Success” we need to know that “Why do we want Success? ” – And the answer to this is that we want HAPPINESS in life, and this urge for a happy life is the biggest reason for you to never quit to keep working on your success.

Now when we know what success is and why do we need it , we can assimilate (learn) about the very first step of our success journey and that is SELF BELIEF.

Self Belief seems to be an easy phrase to say but it has deep meanings and is the vital part of your success. Self Belief is not only the first step but it is that character of success that is everlasting, on the Journey to success and even after obtaining Success. Opportunities and Success come only to those who have faith in themselves and those who keep on striving to be a better version of themselves each day. Self-belief in other terms can be said as “The feeling of self-sufficiency and self-acceptance”. Self-acceptance of not the negative thoughts, it is not that where you say “I am worth nothing, I can never be good at doing anything” or “No one likes me, everyone thinks that I am ugly”. Instead, self-acceptance is knowing that if you don’t know a certain thing – you will learn it, it is to know and accept that “I don’t know how it is done but I know I can learn it and then DO IT!”.

The positive sense of accepting the flaws and then working on improving them and constantly striving to achieve success because you know you have the capacity to attain what you want is what to say as the First Step Towards your Success.

Believing in Yourself is all about having confidence in yourself , your knowledge , your abilities , your soundness. It is to believe that you deserve what you want and to work accordingly with the knowledge that the powers of the Universe are with you and helping you all the way through.

This post was written by Jaskiran Rooprai. You can find her Instagram account here: @secretmotivatior18.

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  1. Splendid job. This information is the most basic information to generate self confidence and self loving. Everyone must understand this concept and work accordingly. I got motivated by your knowledge of success and share to my acquaintances so that they can also achieve success in thier life.

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